From Alison: Once more into the playroom dear friends!

I have just been away to the Option Institute for two weeks to do the Group Facilitation Program and I was wondering how things would be on the playroom front on my return, Here’s what happened:
I was particularly excited as I walked in through the playroom door after nearly three weeks away, there is something delicious about having two whole hours uninterrupted Mummy and Jordan time to do whatever takes our fancy in the moment. But this time was extra special because Jordan had stood at the foot of the stairs and called up “Mummy, I’m ready to play” I had legged it down the stairs as fast as I could not wanting to miss his cue. We started off playing an Ice Cream game (this is a seriously big motivation for him and me) then moved on to playing a music game where we link our love of music with garbage disposal, it works by taking songs and then replacing some of the words with the word bin – so Pink’s song u and ur hand becomes u and ur bin – such fun to do and before long our sides hurt because we were laughing so much. Then on to a christmas cracker game. One game followed another and before I knew it the session was over – almost totally interactive. Then it occurred to me about how I had created the excitement for myself because I believed that the first session after an absence of nearly three weeks would be especially magical. But, what if I could create that level of excitement every time, I could make up all sorts of reasons to be excited, but just think of the impact that could have for Jordan, how different would I be if I ran to the playroom everytime just longing to play with him again, I could make every day special, it would make my love for him and my desire to play with him so much more visible. So what beliefs could we make up to get us in that place where we are so excited we just can’t wait to get in there?

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  1. Kate Wilde says:

    Hi Alison, I like that! Would'nt it be great if we did that with everything we did. Making breakfast, brushing our teeth ……..change our whole day! I can't believe I did not see you while you were here???? I must have a marble loose! THanks for helping out next week during The Start Up – and I will hopefully see you in June for New Frontiers.
    Much love to you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kate,
    Excitement for the whole day – no matter what – I love it. I can't believe I didn't see you either. I only got down to Son Rise briefly as I was so busy studying for my presentations, but I will definately see you in June.
    Love Alison

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