From Becky: What is my purpose?

This is a question that has come up in discussions recently when working with wonderful parents and volunteers in The Son-Rise Program.

Is my purpose in the playroom to position for eye contact? To request language? To catch every green light?, to join at the perfect distance?


is it to build a loving relationship with my child?, to be as accepting to myself and my child as possible? To be comfortable and present? To relax and have a good time?

The list goes on………

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the technical side of things that we forget to focus on the attitude.

The very core of the The Son-Rise Program is the attitude! When I am in the attitude and see that as my purpose when working with children and parents, I have unstop able creativity and ideas flowing out of my pores.

Ask yourself, what is my purpose? the next time you go to work with your child. Re-define it for yourself, when you choose to have a purpose that is attitudinal versus technical, the techniques and your creativity will endlessly pore from you because you will be relaxed and present and therefore see what your child is doing with new eyes.

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