From Rae: Be Present – Staying in the Moment

From Rae: I am exhausted! Wore-out! I am struggling to keep my patience due to lack of sleep and worries. I am a single mom – so once Tyler’s Son-Rise team goes home I am on my own. My daughter, Tyler, will be 16 in February and she has had many medical problems in the last year and a half. Her language is limited to 10 words at most. She has been screaming out and crying throughout the nite until she falls asleep. I don’t know whats wrong. She wants me to get away but then she starts screaming again.

Thoughts run through my head – Is she really hurting or is she playing a game? I dont know. I go with what I know – if she screams, let her know I am here to help her. Move slow so she doesn’t think she’s getting a reaction out of me and controlling my every move. Over and over and over this happens. Throughout the nite it seems as if she looks for things to try my patience. I stay as calm as possible. I want to scream at times. Things she is wanting aren’t working all of a sudden and she gets upset. I cant fix them fast enough. I stay calm and stay in the present and let her know I’m here for her if she needs me. She screams loud, over and over again…..and then sarcastically I think to myself – If God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, just how much does he think I can take?

Then my thoughts go back to my learnings of the Son-Rise Program® – what can I learn from this? How can I keep my patience day in and day out. I just keep practicing “staying in the moment.” The wonderful thing about staying in the moment is that you don’t miss anything. While all this was going on, every now and then she would stop and do something new. For example, she pointed to her dvds and took one dvd at a time and looked them over from the front side then the back side as if she was reading them. In the playroom she doesn’t show interests in books or reading. Was she reading them – I think so. I have learned a great lesson I had been taught from the Son-Rise Program®

Be Present. Had I not “stayed in the moment” I would have missed that wonderful happening.

Love, Rae

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