Gratitude, Attitude, and Studentship

FROM JAMIE: Oh my…..the opportunities to be grateful are everywhere! This last month has been a tough month for me. My daughter, Tyler, has been screaming out (as told in previous post) and crying and I don’t know what’s wrong. She is changing a lot it seems. Wanting things in different spots, wanting people in her Son-Rise Program to leave, wanting me to not be in the playroom, and so on. When she points me out of the room, I decide ATTITUDE! I stay comfortable and let her know we’re only going to do what she wants to do. She allows me to stay in the room 🙂 GRATEFUL!

I have, on the other hand, found myself outside of the playroom feeling the pressures of not knowing what to do and am i doing the right thing. what should i do? and what do you know – FEAR becomes my focus – ugh! I feel like i could have a heart attack and die any day. BUT, in jumps STUDENTSHIP! I go toward my fear and work through it the best i can. GRATEFUL! I want so much for Tyler that I have committed to being a student at all times. I send a message out to my Son-Rise Wide Awake team for help and suggestions to further my studentship on making Tyler’s team a better team and re-enforcing my wants with Tyler’s Son-Rise Program. And guess what came screaming out to me – ATTITUDE! Of course, I knew that……hmmmm why am i not putting that first? Great question to myself! But again, I am GRATEFUL to my Son-Rise Wide Awake team for furthering my STUDENTSHIP!

With much much LOVE and GRATITUDE, Rae
p.s. I have posted under Jamie, Jamie Rae…..but I like Rae 🙂 I’ll stick to that one

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