From Katrina: I’m back!

From Katrina: Hello all of you amazing people! I am excited to be back to work at the Autism Treatment Center of America after taking a 3 month hiatus to be with my beautiful new baby, Kyla.

Joining the ranks of motherhood has probably been easier I think, since I have been trained in the Son Rise program. So much that I have learned has proven extra effective in parenting at home. For example:

On my very first day with Kyla she would not eat. I tried many people’s suggestions, but Kyla just wouldn’t do it. We even took her to the doctor who gave us some ideas that still would not work. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, in order to be a “good” mother I had to get my child to eat. Everyone was watching me and waiting for Kyla to perform. Finally, at the end of the day the midwife left me alone to relax, she said to not worry and just enjoy my baby. When she left, I let go of my need to “control” the situation. I could feel the tension ease out of my body. Literally the second I did this, Kyla decided to eat.

Like Kyla, many nonverbal or autistic children can sense our moods. When we try to put pressure on them to do something our way, they resist. Yet, when we give them the control, accept them no matter what, and still go for what we want, they are more likely to do it. This is what I love about the Son Rise program. We put the power in the child’s hands. This is so much more motivating for them … and it works for me!

I’m excited to be with you all again and back in that magical playroom!
Lots of Love,

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