Imagination games for the New Year

From Kate Wilde:Here are a few imagination games from The Autism Treatment Center of America to help you start the new year with your children on the Autism Spectrum.

1. “What do you see?” – This games is designed to encourage spontaneous expressive language and is for a child who can speak in simple sentences and beyond.
  • Pretend that you are sleeping, when the alarm wakes you get up, go over to the window, draw the curtains, and look out the window.
  • One of you is to describe to the other person what they see out the window, to describe the scenery and any event that is happening, then you go out side and play the scenario that was just described.
  • We would suggest that you take the first turn to model to your child how to play the game.
Variations: you could be sleeping on a airplane, or train, and describe the scene when the train or airplane stops. You could be in a time machine and stop to describe different historical events you land in.
2.“Pretend this is happening to you”. This is designed to encourage your children to physical participate more, and to interact with simple props
  • Put different props around the room that you would use in different kinds of weather, for example, an umbrella, wellington boots, a hat, gloves, scarf, a glass of water, swimming trunks, snorkel, a sun hat, sun cream etc.
  • Explain to your child that you are going to tell them what kind of weather is happening and they are to use the props they would use in that type of weather and act out what they would do in that type of weather.
  • Take turns acting out and choosing the weather.
  • Different types of weather may be, as hot as a desert, torrential rain with a strong wind, light sunny day at the beach, a snow storm, hail and ice storm etc.
Variations: you could play the same game, but instead of different types of weather, you could have different sporting events, or different animals to interact with, or different social events to attend.
The most important thing to do in each of them games above is to have fun, be playful and enjoy whatever happens. I wish you much happiness this coming year 2010.

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