Loving the Ride!

From Kelli: So it is T-32 days until our Son-Rise Program Intensive and yet it feels like its already begun. As the week approaches I’m noticing myself becoming more and more “intense” about the “Intensive”. I’m creating all kinds of discomforts from worrying about Jordyn’s food and the volunteers to looking at myself and our program through “what’s wrong” coloured glasses.

This is not the first time in life that I’ve been “intense” about something that is important to me, or something I want. I get so attached to it being perfect that I miss out on the gold, the juice, and the joy in the moments along the way. Well not this time!
The juice in THIS moment is that I saw what I was creating – stress, worry, fear, discomfort, you name it – by believing that it is hard to get what you want. And now I get to choose how this is going to go.

So, I’m putting on a pair of “THIS is perfect (for me)!” glasses and getting on this roller coaster ride with the intention of being present for, and grateful for, every gold nugget along the way.
I’m grateful for the Intensive being the juicy stimulus for me to wake up to this repetitive behaviour, and thankful to Beverly for our Option Process® dialogue today and the question she left me with – both PERFECT!
Can’t wait to share with you all what else opens up on this beautiful roller coaster ride.
With love and gratitude – Kelli

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