Seeing Change in Others.

From Kate Wilde: I have just spent a wonderful morning in The Son-Rise Program Intensive discussing the notion of believing that another person can and will change.

For our children on the Autism Spectrum, to believe in their ability to change and grow is so very important, for this fuels our desire to offer them opportunities and experiences to make those changes. It is also important for us to see them a new each day so that we can observe those changes, thus helping us in two ways, one to celebrate them for those changes, and two to create new goals for them, thus helping them to keep growing.
This morning we extended this idea to the other people in our lives, our partners, work colleagues, and friends. Are we believing in them? Do we believe that they will change when they announce their new years resolutions, or do we roll our eyes in disbelief? Are we looking for the evidence of their changes, or are we just waiting for them to “mess up”.
Lets help the other people in our lives make the changes they are wanting, by believing in them, looking for evidence of their change, and celebrating them.
This sets the tone of a supportive environment which is focusing on the now, verses the past.
Have fun loving the people in your lives this way.

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  1. Tim Molony says:

    I like this. What made me fall in love with the Son Rise approach. How we want to approach our children in order to heal them we can also approach everyone around us…even ourselves in the very same way. If we start to look at the world this way it creates a chain reaction…the healing power of love and acceptance will just get stronger as the people in our lives will reinforce, support, and nurture our growth and we for them. Our kids can simply not help but thrive in such an environment. Happiness with in no matter how things turn out.

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