Which comes first?

Which comes first – our child’s behaviour or our attitude about it? Sort of a chicken and egg type question. In this case, the behaviour happens first, then our attitude/thoughts about it, but then where do we start to lead with our attitude.

At a team meeting a couple of weeks ago, I had a revelation. I got that rather than getting comfortable with Jordyn’s pinching behaviour (not reacting), I had become complacent. I actually got that who was walking in the room to be with him was a “pinching bag”. While I had coached other team members to create their sessions outside the room, and they had created “no pinching today”, I was clear I’d get pinched. And guess what, I got pinched. Was it my attitude OR Jordyn’s action that came first… hmmmm…. changed my attitude and the behaviour decreased!
Attitude or behaviour, which comes first?
I’m now looking again at where I am “hoping” for a different behaviour but have stopped creating it and have become resigned to that its going to be that way. You could say, where I’ve stopped being a force of creation! The question to ask myself always is “What am I creating?”… if attitude comes first (and I believe it does) then the behaviour and miracles will follow.
What are you creating?
Love and best wishes at the beginning of another miraculous year – Kelli

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