Socialization: The Doorway to All Areas of Development

Using The Son-Rise Program will help your child in all area’s of development.

We have a beautiful young girl in our Son-Rise Program Intensive this week, who not only has autism but also epilepsy which results in her having difficulty standing up, going up and down stairs, being unsteady on her feet, etc..

As the week has progressed we have seen that she has become more skilled and able in using her body. At the beginning of the week she could not go down the slide by herself without her falling off it – now she slides down unaided, smiling and laughing all the way down. It is wonderful to see.

Again and again I see and hear stories like this – when using the Son-Rise Program and helping a child learn to enjoy and socialize more strongly with others (the pivotal area of child development), they also grow in other developmental areas like cognitive, self-help, gross and fine motor skills.

Enjoy your child as they discover themselves, you and the rest of the world.

Love and smiles,


p.s. Would love to hear similar stories like this that have happened as you have run your Son-Rise Program with your child.

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