From Kate Wilde: Being creative is essential to reaching our Children on the Autism Spectrum. People so often believe that we are either born a creative person or a scientific person. That you are either a “left brain” person or a “right brain” person. Here at the Autism Treatment Center of America, we believe that you can be any kind of person you want to be. As with our children it is all about our motivation, and what better motivation do we have to build and believe in our own creativity than helping our lovely children on the Autism Spectrum.

Creativity is an attitude not a skill that you are born with or without.

As with any attitude it is useful to be clear about what we think. We can nurture our creativity by being clear with what we believe and think. Click on the video below to hear what Son-Rise Program Child facilitators and Son-Rise Program teachers, who work everyday with children on the Autism Spectrum think and believe that help them become power houses of creativity.

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