From Becky: More Toilet Techniques

5) Motivation! At The Autism Treatment Center of America we believe that motivation is the key to all learning.

To the tune of “She’ll be coming around the mountain”

He’ll be peeing in the potty when he comes
He’ll be peeing in the potty when he comes
He’ll be peeing in the potty, peeing in the potty
Peeing in the potty when he comes

Using your child’s interests to help inspire a new love for the toilet is extremely effective when toilet training your child. If they like to sing, make up a song about the toilet, if they prefer tickles and squeezes, pretend that the toilet is a tickling/squeeze toilet that is activated whenever they sit on it. If your child is a climber, create an obstacle course that leads to the toilet.

Incorporate the toilet into games when they are connected and engaged with you. If you are giving them rides, pretend you are an airplane on it’s way to “Potty Land” where you will deliver pee and poop! If your child is into figurines or stuffed animals, make them all go to the toilet in a fun way.

Without motivation there is no learning, take a minute right now to write down your childs top 5 motivations and then brainstorm ways that you can include promoting the potty into these activities.

Have so much fun!

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  1. mlirita says:

    Thank you for posting this,I will start this ideas today

  2. bmeier4 says:

    Love these ideas! Keep them coming!
    Grandmother of Travis Meier

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