From Becky: Potty Fun!

Hi All,

My next series of blogs are going to be about the toilet!!! Yeah for the toilet. Here at The Autism Treatment Center of America we love the toilet, we are excited about the toilet and we have many many ideas that can help your child get interested in the toilet, be motivated to sit on it, and to use it.

1) Get excited about pee and poop! How do we expect our children to be interested using the toilet if we, ourselves are making the pee and poop experience out to be a negative one.

I used to babysit for a Neuro-Typical 2 year old who’s parents would make a big face as they would change his diaper and say “Peeeeeeeewww”, they would refer to it as a “Stinky diaper” and then as a result, he wouldn’t ever want to get his diaper changed and would be controlling around it.

Let’s let our children know that peeing and pooping is a natural thing that out body does, it’s helpful to us, useful and fun! Our bodies feel better when we do it and everybody does it. If you hide the fact that you do it too from them, then they will never learn how to manage it themselves.

When you need to go for a pee or a poop, tell them what’s happening for you, do it in front of them and then give yourself a big cheer for putting it in the toilet. This is great to model with your other children and your partners. Give eachother a high five when you poop in the potty, let eachother flush the toilet after you have done a pee. We need to exaggerate things for our special children so that they take notice.

Let’s get pee and poop, out of the closet!

More coming soon……….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hi there! great topic! i was wondering how do you toilet train a child that goes for kindergarten for 4 hours every day?
    thank you, have a beautiful day

  2. mlirita says:

    I am really want to hear more about this, thank you

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