From Becky: Potty Training Take 6

Being a Child Facilitator and a Teacher in The Son-Rise Program, there are many skills that I have acquired over the years. One of those skills is…….

Persistence! To work on any skill with our children we need to be persistent and keep trying. If we gave up after the the first attempt of helping our child use the toilet then they would never get the opportunity to really work on their area of challenge. Here are some ways to think when toilet training your child that will help you to be persistent.

1) I beleive that my child will want to use the toilet. Our children might not immediately show signs of wanting to use the toilet, but holding this belief will inspire them to keep trying because you believe in them. If you don’t truly get behind the idea that your child has the ability to be successful in this then you won’t put much effort into it and therefore your child will follow suite. You are your child’s biggest resource and they will take on the beliefs that you have. What we ultimately believe, comes to pass eventually so the belief in itself will help you hugely.

2) I am not attached (needing) them to use the toilet. If there is a “Push” or a “Need” for your child to become toilet trained then your they will pick up on that and resist against it. Be prepared to lovingly persist without your success or happiness being dependant upon whether they pee/poo in the potty or not.

3) Toilet Training is fun! The minute that you stop being excited about helping your child get intersted in the toilet, the minute your child will stop being intersted.

4) “No means no for now, but not forever” When your child pulls away from the toilet or tells you or shows you that they are not interested right now. It doesn’t mean that all has failed and they mean no forever, be excited to give them control and then try again later.

5) Just because they haven’t done it yet, it doesn’t mean that they won’t want to do it now or in the future. If we always make our decisions based on past experiences then we will never try new things. If we want our children to stretch themselves and do new things then we actually need to think differently, let’s be the pioneers of new things to inspire our children.

Some children will toilet train in two weeks, and some will take two years, but in either circumstance, persistence is key!

Have fun being persistent.

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