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Here are some more ideas that we use at The Autism Treatment Center of America to help our children to want to use the toilet.

2) Look for signs! Observe your child and see if they are giving you any clues as to when they are about to go to the toilet.

Do they get quiet and go into the corner? Do they hide? Do they fidget? Do they start to touch themselves? Some of our special children have sensitive guts and may press their belly or roll on their stomachs on a therapy ball when they have a poo coming. Pay attention to how many fluids they have drunk to know when they are due to pee.

The more we can recognise the signs our children are giving us when they are about to pee or poop, the more we will know they are ready for us to introduce the toilet to them.

The Son-Rise Program playroom is the perfect place to do this because it’s a low distraction environment where you can be present with your child and really hone in on their cues. Also, if you have a linoleum style flooring that is easy to clean, it isn’t a big deal if they have a few accidents along the way.

When you see the signs from your child, it’s time to explain that it looks like they have a pee or poop coming. Excitedly encourage them to use the toilet. Whether your child is verbal or not yet verbal, our children still have receptive language, the explanations will educate them and help you to become predictable and easy to relate to.

Call (413)229-2100 to book a 25 minute toilet training consultation with one of our staff. We will give you specific techniques to use that are individual to your child.

More coming soon……..

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