From Becky: Toilet Training take 4

Give your child control!

Here at The Autism Treatment Center of America, giving our special children as much control as possible is always on the main menu.

This is because The Son-Rise Program inpires our children to actually want to do things for themselves (like using the toilet in this example).

Giving our children control make us both attractive to be with and gives our children an opportunity to choose to develop self help skills such as toilet training. That means that whenever your child says “No”, pulls away or indicates that they are not interested in the toilet then we will honor that and give them an immediate respect to their comunication.

Every time we honor our child’s telling us or showing us “No”, we are a step closer to them saying “Yes!” Giving control in an exaggerated way helps our children to become much more flexible therefore allowing them to open themselves up to new experiences.

In a world where things can be unpredictable we can be a constant source of solid predictability where no means no! When you honor your child’s “No”, it doesn’t mean that you are giving up or dropping your focus of offering the toilet, it simply means that in that moment, your child is not open to it, that is not to say that in 10 minutes our child may be different.

Have fun!

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