From Becky: Yet more Potty Training

Hi all,

This is my third blog about toilet training, The Son-Rise Program way. More coming soon.

3) Ditch the diapers!

If you feel ready to toilet train your child, let’s get them wearing some fun, and interesting big kid underwear that is light in color so that you can see if they are starting to pee. Light blue, light pink or grey will help you to see the wetness start to appear instead of white or black.

Also, if they are motivated by a certain character (e.g. Elmo, Dora, etc) and you can get underwear with those characters on them, they will have all the more reason to wear them. Bring a bunch of all kinds of fun underwear into the playroom so you have more to offer if some get wet.

In order for your child to be more body conscious and to have reason to want to use the toilet, they need to actually feel the sensation of the wetness against their skin, where as a diaper will lock the wetness away instantly so they won’t feel it in the same way. The playroom will be the perfect place to give the underwear a trial run because of the distraction free environment and the safe and easy clean up.

Get a plastic jug to catch pee and poop in and then when you see your child starting to pee, you can hold the jug under them so that their pee goes in it. This way, you can show them that it actually goes into the toilet. Our children need to see things in action to get used to new ideas. Once they see it go in the toilet, invite them to come and watch and even help you flush.

If they are doing a poo, look for the signs and do the same thing, catch the poo in the jug (this also works with a fresh poo in a diaper) and explain to them that it goes in the toilet as you model that in front of them.

Have fun!

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