From Jack: Inspirational Thoughts

Hey guys

Often when people come here to the Autism Treatment Center of America, they are amazed by the level of energy, excitement and enthusiasm of our staff here. They ask how we are able to sustain such passion in our work, using The Son-Rise Program to help recover children and adults with autism. Well – we teach here that it is a CHOICE. We can choose, in any moment, to have a wonderful experience when working with autistic children – and from the joy we create from that experience comes our excitement and energy.

One thing that I find so helpful in guiding myself towards seeing the perfection and beauty is to keep a folder full of inspirational quotes and poems: things I can read every day to remind myself of the healing power of love, the beauty of the present moment, the gift of a challenge – all attitudinal thoughts that are so useful when in the Son-Rise Program playroom!

Today, I read this, and felt it was so applicable to my job here as a Child Facilitator:

The healer knows we heal no one, we cure no one;
to attempt the cure denies the truth:
disharmony sown in spirit reaps imbalance in the flesh.
To regain the point of balance only open your heart,
merely offer your life;
allow the love to heal, allow the weak to grow;
say ‘I am the healer’, you stay out of the flow.

Why not make your own folder of inspirational writings, and read one piece before each of your sessions. Challenge yourself to go even deeper into your appreciation of your child and your life.

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