From Jack: Talking time!

Good day friends!

Let’s talk about talking 🙂

We all love to do it, we all want our children to do it and we all want our children to do it TYPICALLY.

Now ask yourself this: “How do I talk to my special child when I’m doing The Son-Rise Program?”

Do you tend to be loud? Do you tend to use a baby-voice? Do you talk all the time? Do you only do silly voices?

At the Autism Treatment Center of America we believe that when we are working with autistic children and adults that we are MODELING effective social interaction. When you talk to your child you have a wonderful opportunity to model to them how typical people talk to each other. As a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator I love to talk to the children here in my normal voice – not shouting all the time, not speaking down to them, not bull-dozing them with words – just my relaxed, normal voice. I feel able to create a genuine friendship with them this way, plus I know that they are learning from me how to use their voice typically. Sure, friends shout, whoop, laugh and sing together, but they also chat. Try that – even if your child isn’t at the point yet of being able to reply, I know they will take in and appreciate you talking to them as an equal.

Have fun my chitter-chatterers!

Love Jack

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