From Kate Wilde: A video Blog Library.

After mastering the complexities of YouTube I have now finally and successfully uploaded all of our video blogs on to YouTube. As of right now we have over 25 on a variety of different subjects. There are many theme ideas, building ideas and different adjustments you can make to your Son-Rise Program playrooms to inspire more creativity.

There are video blogs helping you with your energy excitement and enthusiasm, also on different Son-Rise Program techniques and 8 or so dedicated to the concept of creativity, playfulness and being silly- all vital parts of reaching your child on the Autism spectrum.
Use these videos to inspire and educate your team of volunteers or staff members. Have your volunteers watch some of these videos as part of their training.
Re – watch different themes, maybe your child will be ready for one you viewed a couple of months ago– maybe you will be ready to try one you had previously thought you could not. We have put them all together so that you and your team will have easy access to them.
Click on the link below to take you to the place where they are all stored.

We will be posting new video blogs here and on YouTube regularly – so keep posted.
With much love to you, your wonderful volunteer teams, and lovely children

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  1. thx says:

    Awesome! We talked about it at the dining table during the Feb startup program last week and you've already done it! I am sure this can reach a much wider audience and help more parents in need. Keep up with the great work.

    One tiny little suggestion. Making the youtube URL a hyperlink (clickable) would be really nice. updating that url text with href="" will do the work I think.

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