From Katrina – A blast from the past

Recently I rewatched the Inspiring Journeys of Son Rise Program Families and thier Children DVD which includes the BBC Documentary “I Want My Little Boy Back” (to order a copy call us at 413-229-2100) It shows a 2 week version of our intensive program. Watching an outside perspective of what happens here I was blown away once again at the power of our work and how much children can accomplish through love and motivation.
The first time I watched this movie over 3 years ago was the instant I fell in love with the Son Rise program. I rememeber this moment vividly. I was working with a family who was doing ABA with thier child at the time. They had the DVD and asked me to watch it to see what I thought about it. I was so overwhelmed I cried, because when I watched this movie it was the first time I could actually envision myself working with autistic children as a career because I felt there was finally a therapy I could get behind. That very night I looked up the program and decided I wanted to train to be a professional child facilitator.
Now I get to be the behind the camera professional who gets to love these children and help them make monumental changes for themselves. I love my job!

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