From Katrina – Exclusivity is exciting!

Hello again fellow playroom superstars!

This week I had another amazing example of how being exclusive helps a child grow. We have a lovely little girl here this week who had a challenge being completely stable on her feet. She would often lean into you while walking stairs, or jump at you instead of moving on her own. She started the week interactive with a high attention span. As the week progressed she became more exclusive, one of her isms was walking the stairs and sliding down the slide. As our staff gave her the space to do this on her own, she became more confident and able. On Thursday and Friday she was much more interactive and she was able to easily climb up stairs and slide down instead of jumping at you.

I truly believe that she was using the time she was exclusive to challenge herself and use her new found skill without pressure. By giving her this time we allowed her to find her own motivation to use her feet! Her parents were deeply impressed with her new gait SHE found here at the Autism Treatment Center of America.

There are many reasons that our children are exclusive, and all of them are important and valuable. Let us respect this and join in in order to help them grow!
Love to you all,

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