From Katrina – Tea time thoughts

As I am sitting here drinking my tea, I see the little saying that comes attached to the yogi tea bag …”happiness comes when you overcome the most impossible obstacle”, hmmm, not in my world. My world is much better than that. I know that happiness comes whenever I WANT IT to come.

I was thinking about that this morning at the dentist, there was a time when I hated the dentist and everything associated with it. Because I hated it I made the experience even worse for myself. I would tense up, cringe at the sound of any whirring, hate the feel of plastic gloves, just basically make it awful on myself. No more! I go to the dentist to take care of my teeth and therefore my body, there is no reason to make this an awful experience, this experience is helping me. Today, I acknowledged that, and had the best time I could at the dentist. I was relaxed, I made playful conversation with the dentist, let him work his expertise on me, and I tapped my feet to the radio and thought about well…this blog. If I can make the dentist a happy experience I know I can take this intention with me anywhere.

When I am in a Son Rise program playroom I always bring that happiness. If I ever feel my energy drop, I remember why I am there, to help this child and show him/her how wonderful connecting with other people can be. I feel like giving this child my happiness and acceptance no matter what is the best way to invite them into my world. I remember what Samahria always says that you don’t have to go into the playroom, that is also a choice. So, if I choose to go into that playroom I am going to show that child the most exciting happy world I can!

wishing you all happy times,

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