From Kate Wilde: More activities that you can play with your child in your Son-Rise Program playroom. Click on the video below to see three theme ideas you can use with your child to help them verbally and physically participate. (If you are on face book right now, click on the title of this blog, then on “View original blog”)

As with any game we post on this blog the game itself does not matter half as much as how YOU play the game. Focus not on what to DO next, but on how much fun YOU are having. By concentrating and building your feeling of enjoyment you will make the game much more appealing for your child to play.
Also, there is no specific way these games are SUPPOSED to be played. We suggest one way to play, but your child may have a very different idea on how they want to play with these photographs. If you are interacting with one another it does not matter whether you are playing this game as you intended, as the goal of each game is to interact, not play a game by the rules.
Have fun playing these games, and let us know how it goes.
With love to you all
P.S For those of you who have not been able to view my previous video blogs on the blogger, we are in the process of uploading them all onto youtube, we will let you know when they are all completed.

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