From Katrina – I love my literal friends!

Hey everyone,

We often laugh in our office as we rehash events that took place in the playroom, but today I couldn’t stop laughing enough to tell the story. I had brought in a game I had made, including a book titled with stickers that said “SUPER SPELLS”. However when I first walked in, the beautiful boy from England was holding himself and wiggling. I offered him the toilet, when he looked at me I again reminded him that he could put his pee in the toilet (pee being an American word, English folk might say wee). He said “P?” I said yes, let’s go put our pee in the toilet. He then proceeded to take the letter P off of my spell book and put it in the toilet! I had to giggle, it was so sweet.

My autistic friend has been so literal this week that it has been a challenge for him to stretch his imagination to symbolic play. I was often told today that objects were not what I was saying they were. “That is not a fire hose, it’s a drum stick”, “that is not a map, its paper”, “that is not a screw driver its a bubble wand”. Every time I would agree with him, and suggest we could pretend it was the new object. Most of the time that idea was shot down. This did not mean I could not try again. What I love about the Son Rise program playroom is that the child always has full control, but I can always try again later! And even if it doesn’t happen today, there is always tomorrow!

Wishing you all a fun and persistently challenging day!

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