Jack’s Playroom Stories #1

FROM JACK: I’ve decided to start writing weekly stories, relating my favourite playroom moments from the week from The Son-Rise Program(R) Intensive here at the Autism Treatment Center of America. As a Child Facilitator for children with Autism and Asperger’s syndrome, I have so many moment, every week, that just blow me away. Here is something special from this week:

We are working with the sweetest little 4 year old girl. She has dark brown eyes, cute braided hair and loves squeezes, rubs, tickles and singing. I was watching one of my colleagues playing with this wonderful girl in our playroom, trying to help her say the word “Squeeze”. After playfully giving her squeezes for nearly 5 minutes, just playing, having fun and modeling the joy of social interaction, the Child Facilitator explained to this girl the power of her language and lovingly encouraged her to say “Squeeze”. There was a long pause – maybe 40 seconds – and then this amazing little girl said “Sss”! Not just once, but three times!

Up until this point, her parents had NEVER heard her use this sound. It was so beautiful and inspiring to be there at the moment that this brave little girl decided to stretch her boundaries, challenge herself, try something new. There is constant inspiration to find in our autistic children, if we choose to see it.

Have fun, my friends!

Love, Jack

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