Joining: ABA vs. Son-Rise Program

If you missed our fabulous new ABA vs. Son-Rise Program video about the concept of joining, check it out on YouTube. The video has already created quite a stir! Please feel free to add your comments to the mix in the Youtube comments section. This is the premier video of a fun series. Stay tuned for the next installment, coming soon. Enjoy!!!

ABA vs. The Son-Rise Program

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi folks!
    First of all I#ll have to apologize 'bout my bad english…

    Secondly I have to tell you I LOVE SON-RISE!!! I'm a volunteer playing for about 1 year with a cute very special child using Son-Rise.
    I also heard about ABA in the practice I 'm on eductaion (OT) and didn't liked it at all, just after reading the first pages a child's mom gave me to treat her child after this…

    BUT: I see the sarcasm behind this video, but what is it supposed to say? Leave ABA, join Son-Rise? If I imagine, I had a very special child on my own and I would treat it with ABA because I probably never heard of Son-Rise and now I saw this video…. Doesn't make the best impression… On first look it says "We are better than they are" (it's true- YOU ARE!!!) but it sounds a little lordy, don't you think?
    In case I would be the mother of a special child, I wouldn't check out Son-Rise…
    And that's my problem with this video: it's taken away the chances for a child becoming treated with Son-Rise!

    If only one mother would react the way I felt when I saw the viedeo- IT'S A LOSS!!!

    I DO like sarcasm, but it's not the best way of assuring others of Son-Rise…

    Nevertheless, hang on! I love you folks!

    Best regards

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