The Journey

From Kate Wilde: Over the last 8 months or so I have been learning Argentinian Tango. For those of you who know me well this may make you smile, as I have absolutely no skill set, talent or body awareness when it comes to dancing, or come to think about it just moving gracefully in the world.

One of the many reasons I started to learn Tango was to explore the idea that we can learn anything if we practise and have a great attitude. That it is all about our attitude and our actions, not innate talent. The attitude I am talking about is very specific.

1. To believe that it is possible for me to become not just a good tango dancer, but a great one.
2.To be completely happy when I do not get it, or cannot understand a step or movement
4.To believe that wherever I am in my learning is the most perfect place to be.
5.Never entertain the thought of comparing myself unfavourable to another.

This is what I teach everyday to my students at The Autism Treatment Center of America. By students I mean the wonderful individuals I am teaching to become Son-Rise Program child facilitators and Son-Rise Program Teachers. They often times will tell me that they are not an, “outgoing person”, or a “creative person”, or they can’t “sing”, or they are not “eloquent” and so forth.

Last night I had class with my teacher, who has a great and wonderful “Son-Rise Program’ attitude, she is non-judgmental, loving, celebratory, breaks things down, is creative in finding ways to help me, and always answers my many, and sometimes repetitive questions. She said to me, ‘you must only think about the journey of the step, not the end result“, sound familiar to you? A Son-Rise Program attitude that I had not been applying to my Tango steps.

When you find yourself thinking, “oh I can’t to that” or “I am not that kind of person” think again:

Who we are is a direct result of our attitude and our actions.

Love to you on your journey with your children!!

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