Start Up Greetings

Good Morning Incredible Son Rise Parents and Friends,

I am writing from home today as I have the day off with my children. Even though I have this time with my family I thought I would write a note to my extended family; All of you out there in our amazing Son Rise Program Community. I felt compelled to write to you today because I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful parents as they arrived here at the Autism Treatment Center of America to begin their journey with the Son Rise Program at the Start Up Program this week.

As a Child Facilitator, I can’t express to you how truly honored I feel to meet people as they arrive here for the Start Up Program and begin this amazing journey with their child. As cars drove slowly into the driveway of the Option Institute and the Autism Treatment Center and pulled of to the side of the road looking for direction, I realized I was faced with an opportunity to be a really powerful representative of what the Son Rise Program is truly about. Some of our participants would roll down their car windows with a bit of hesitation and I greeted them with an excited “Hello, my name is Amanda and I am so happy you are here with us this week. How are you today?” One of the participants stepped out of his car and said “Well, I would be allot better if I knew where the hell I was going?” My reply to this man was even more excited than the way in which I greeted him as I said “You are here with us now so I would say for sure you know where you are going!” A sudden easiness appeared to flow through this man’s body and a smile came to his face. In this brief moment, we had a common goal and that was to confirmation that he indeed knew where he was going and that he was here for what will be a life changing experience. I then told him where he was staying and he was on his way. As this man drove away I thought to myself “I so love this job!”.

Many other cars pulled into the drive here at the Autism Treatment Center of America last evening and each person was met with the same love and excitement. No one knows for sure what will come at the end of the week but what is known for sure is that each one has taken the first step. The first step may have been a baby step taken after many years of contemplation or a giant step without hesitation. Which ever one it may be, they are all here together with a common purpose. Each and every parent has ventured here because they are wanting the very best for their child.

I know as I greeted our friends last evening I felt the love and energy flow from their cars and into me so I hope the love and excitement I felt flowed equally into them. Let our common focus of wanting the very best for their child be the goal this week.

I am grateful to all of you as Son Rise Parents for taking the first step and sharing your growth and love with all of us here at the Autism Treatment Center of America.

Much love and excitement to all of you!!


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