From Jackie: Hello, this is my very first blog and I would love to share with you an example of how flexible Tom is now – and this has not always been the case. He was one very controlling little boy in his playroom!!

We have been running Tom’s Son-Rise Program for six years now and Tom has done amazing. He is in mainstream school full time and loving it. We arranged for Shona MacColl, Son-Rise Child Facilitator, to come down at the weekend to do an outreach as we want to continue helping Tom. During Shona’s second day Tom wanted to play a battle game with Shona. Tom loves battles – acting out times in history like the First World War – and so Tom and Shona got their toy soldiers ready on top of towers made of bricks, ready for the big battle. I could see through the window how excited Tom was getting and then, just before the battle commenced Shona said, ‘Tom I don’t want to play this game.” Tom stopped in his tracks, paused, and then said, “OK Shona.” He then looked up to the shelves and pointed to a jigsaw and said, “How about we do a puzzle?” But Shona said, “I really want to play a game of my choosing.” So Tom said, “OK” and began to put the soldiers away!
I was so amazed at how Tom responded to Shona – he was so accepting and happy to change games! He was funny as he did go on to explain to Shona that he really wanted to play his battle game and Shona was fantastic at explaining how she really wanted to help him with his friendship skills at school. They then went on to play a great game that Shona came up with and it was lovely to see them having so much fun.
It was definitely a very special moment for me.

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