Video #3- MOTIVATION in Autism Treatment

We are delighted to share with you “MOTIVATION in Autism Treatment – #3 ABA vs. The Son-Rise Program”, the newest video in the playful ongoing series from the Autism Treatment Center of America of The Option Institute. As many of you know, love, respect, and MOTIVATION are the building blocks of a wonderful Son-Rise Program, as well as a wonderful extraordinary life.

THANK YOU to each of you who have forwarded our previous two videos to your personal network to spread the word and a joyful THANK YOU to the many of you who have contacted us with congratulations, bravo, etc.

We would love for you to pass on this fun video about MOTIVATION to your contacts to keep the viral ball rolling and growing. Our goal is to spread the word worldwide so that every parent in every country is aware of The Son-Rise Program as a viable treatment for their child challenged by Autism. You never give up hope. Neither do we.

With enormous LOVE, respect, and thanks!

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