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Hey hey from the Autism Treatment Center of America!!

So this week I celebrated my 25th birthday and that got me to thinking. What a journey with The Son-Rise Program I’ve had, from the age of 21 when I started to volunteer with with families in the UK to today being a professional Child Facilitator, helping children with autism grow, change and recover!

One thing that has kept me inspired and energised through this journey is really deciding to learn from each and every child and adult I work with. They are all so unique, beautiful and special in their own ways – I always leave my playroom sessions feeling like I have learnt something and this helps foster a sense of gratitude and love for my time in the playroom. So, here are my top learnings:

  • That it is possible to find beauty in anything: the play of dust in the light, the movement of my shadow, the blur of my fingers as I wave them… Anything I attend to, I can make it beautiful.
  • The pleasure of being in the present moment: our children are so attentive and focused – they are so present to their environment, not worrying about the economy or taxes or insurance. My time with them is a beautiful practice of letting go of the outside world and deciding to love, moment by moment.
  • That it feels good to love someone. In fact, it’s the BEST feeling. From my playroom time I have learnt how good it feels to give so deeply of myself that I need nothing back in return – just giving in itself feels sooooo good!

What are YOUR favourite playroom learnings? Why not write them down before your next session, as way to focus on your love and gratitude for your special child? Maybe you could get your volunteers to write them down and share them in your next group meeting?

Remember, we are always on the journey and there is always something more to learn 🙂

With 25 years of love,


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  1. Penya says:

    this is really great jack — i like your blog. i may do this the next time i play(either before or after the playroom).

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