What do YOU want?

From Jack: Yo yo yo Son-Rise amigos!

So I’m sat here at my desk, at the start of a new day at the Autism Treatment Center of America and I wanted to share you all something I do at the start of every day that I feel helps me have great clarity of purpose and daring action throughout my day.

Every morning I wrote down a list of 5 things that I WANT from my day. These can be anything – an attitudinal experience, to complete a task, to connect with an old friend – but the important thing is to be SPECIFIC: “I want to complete x task in 30 minutes,” “I want to feel comfortable and loving while talking to x,” “I want to be completely present while playing with x;”

And YES – do this for the playroom! Using The Son-Rise Program when working with our autistic children is all about US being specific in what we want for our child in each moment: “I want to connect deeply through joining my child,” “I want to show my child how much I love their activity,” “I want my child to look at me,” “I want my child to say the word down
I believe that when we are clear on what WE want from our children then it is clearer to them what to do for us.

Enjoy going for what you want my friends!

Love Jack

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