From Samahria: ABA vs. The Son-Rise Program Videos #4 and #5

I am so excited that we get to send you two new videos in the ABA vs. The Son-Rise Program series. Why? Because I especially love these two videos. You may not know that I love to laugh and find humor in everything. When I saw the FUNDING video, I laughed aloud. It’s hard to believe that in these days of freedom of expression – children’s rights, legal rights of all kinds, as well as animal rights – we don’t have the right to receive state/government/insurance funding for whatever Autism treatment we choose for our child. Have a look (and a laugh!) – and then pass on to your contacts.
Now, for the video that gets me right in the heart – RELATIONSHIPS & FRIENDS. When I first started working with Raun in our bathroom way back then, I (like you) dreamed of the day my little boy would connect, interact and talk with us. But I also wanted him to have social skills to know the joy and love of having real friends of his own. That happened – as well as developing academic skills: learning colors, mastering mathematics…and ultimately writing funny video scripts. It’s really all about relationships. We hope you will continue to share with your friends and contacts this FRIENDS video.
Now it’s time to get yourself laughing when you view these short, easy messages to help new families understand the differences. With lots of love and gratitude, Samahria Lyte Kaufman Original Son-Rise Program Mom Co-Founder of the Autism Treatment Center of America

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