Attention to Detail

Hi Son-Rise friends! Here at the Autism Treatment Center of America we LOVE to notice every tiny detail of what an autistic child is doing. The Son-Rise Program is all about meeting special children at their level to hold their hands as we guide them towards our world. In my mind, the most wonderful, respectful way to do this is to take in EVERY detail of our children. Furthermore, I believe that – by noticing every part of my child – I am allowing myself to LOVE every part of my child.

Take a few minutes and really watch your child: watch them through the lens of your love. Take in the way they sit – do they tend to lean to one side? Is their back straight or curved? Where are they looking? Are they squinting? Do they blink rapidly? Listen to their breathing – is it fast, slow, shallow? How are they moving their hands? Is one of their feet moving? Do they hum quietly to themselves?

Now decide that every single part of your child, everything they do, is meaningful and is beautiful. Focus on filling yourself with love for this incredible miracle that is your autistic child. Decide that every detail of them is perfect.

Now go and rock out your playroom session!

Huge love,


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