Child’s Motivation is Key

FROM JAMIE: Using our child’s motivation is key….Tyler loves to go to my parents house at the end of the day to ride the four wheeler & swim. This adventure is a huge motivator for Tyler. I have been using this motivator to help Tyler with goals I have been working with her. Today I told Tyler I would love for her to brush her teeth before we left. (I usually have her come into the bathroom with me and she will take the toothbrush and then hand it to me to brush her teeth). I went upstairs to gather a few things & within minutes heard the electric toothbrush. Tyler was brushing her teeth as I had requested. She had NEVER brushed her teeth by herself with the electric toothbrush before! She did this by herself for the first time and did it upon request. How awesome is that??? Hooray Tyler! A task that has been so difficult for her – she accomplished that day! Love and Hugs and Celebrations to you Tyler ….. XOXOXO Mom

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