Do You Want to be Happier? Know Yourself!

From William: Being unhappy (frustrated, annoyed, angry, sad, bored, depressed, etc.) and continuing to be unhappy stems from not knowing and understanding ourselves very well. I believe we are born happy and learn to be judgmental and negative about ourselves and the world around us, as we grow up. Everyone wants to be happy and enjoy their life yet a lot of people struggle to get there for no other reason than they have not taken the time to understand why they have chosen and continue to choose to be judgmental and unhappy.

How well do we know ourselves? Do we understand why we enjoy what we are attracted to, or why we get unhappy about certain events and situations in our life? I have had many challenges in my adult life where I have reacted in deeply unhappy ways and the only way to find peace and joy again was to first, deeply understand why I wanted to feel this way. Through this understanding I could see myself and the world more clearly and then make a logical choice to be accepting and happy.

The most impactful tool for helping me was the Option Process® Dialogue – a wonderful set of questions that allowed me to really understand my internal maze of thoughts and beliefs. I have continued to do dialogues (with a mentor lovingly asking me these questions) and have done so for many years now – I never get bored or tired about creating a greater clarity and peace within myself. I look forward to them every week.

If you want to be happier – start with knowing who you are and how you tick! Listen to audio tapes on the Option Process, read the PowerDialogues Manual, etc. and know how to help yourself. Equip yourself for this incredible journey of discovery and change. This will really make a difference in your life.

Love and smiles


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