Toileting – Take 7

FROM BECKY: It’s a gradual process

The first step to toilet training your child is to get them used to what you are working on. It’s rare that we as people immediately start performing a new skill perfectly, we need warm up time to study and familiarize ourselves with the material before we get it right.

Let’s make the first focus be promoting how fun the toilet is, talking about the toilet, celebrating all of our child’s interest in toileting and modeling how to use and why to use the toilet to them before we actually ask them to put their pee and poop in it.

Our children like things to be familiar and predictable. By making the toilet a focus without actually inviting them onto it first, our children get to grow accustomed to what we are introducing to them, therefore when it comes to using the toilet, they already know and trust what it’s all about.

It can be tempting to “Push” the challenge with our children when we are hungry for them to develop new skills. If you take your time and have fun along the way, both you and your child will be more motivated to keep trying.

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