Try It!

FROM JACK: Have you ever been in your Son-Rise Program playroom and decided to veto an idea because you didn’t feel it was fun enough or appropriate? Have you ever given up on a theme idea because your child didn’t seem interested the first time around? It’s easy to make assumptions about what our autistic children will or won’t like, but we at the Autism Treatment Center of America really believe that to help our special children recover then the fewer limitations we place on them, the better!

Here’s the thing – if we never offer our children something new and exciting (a game they’ve never seen before, the opportunity to say a new word) then we’re never offering them the chance to discover something new they may love! Think about it in terms of your own lives: how many times did you try a new food before you really liked it? How many times did you listen to a new song before loving it? It can often take us time to embrace something new, but persistently coming back to it can open up whole new fun experiences for us. Our autistic children are just the same. I so strongly recommend to you that you DO always try new games and new activities with them! Be persistent! Give them time to become used to what you are presenting and the sky is the limit when it comes to thinking of motivations.

Big love to you all – I would love to hear your stories about new games you have tried with your children!


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