Sleep – Take 2

What to do when your child won’t stay in their bedroom when it’s time for you to leave?

Firstly make sure you start the bedtime routine at the same time in the same order each night, this will help your child to get a sense of what is coming next, thus giving them a sense of control and predictability.
It is important for you to help your child be able to get to sleep on their own verses using you as a sleep tool. Follow the link below to a previous blog I wrote on this particular subject:
Thus it is helpful for you to leave your child’s room before they actually fall asleep.
If your child comes out of their bedroom do some version of the following.
1. Adopt this thought, “My child has been loved and played with all day, he is well fed and now the only thing it is time for is sleep, he will get many benefits from his sleep, more than me playing another 30 minutes with them” – Your child may try to convince you that they “need” many different things “before” they go to sleep, this is just a ploy to get more time with you.
Their job is to push the boundary – your job is to hold it firm for them.

2. Sweetly take them back to bed, letting them know that it is time for them to stay in their bedroom and sleep. Do this as many times as it takes, do not play with them or try to engage with them, this will only make the process fun and interesting for them, you want them to understand that you mean business – it is time for them to stay alone in their bedroom to sleep.

One Mom who implemented this with her child had to take her back to bed 30 times on the first night, then 22 times the second night, then only 2 the third night and that was it. It is your consistency and follow through when helps our children know that it is time for bed.

Wishing you all a peaceful nights sleep 🙂

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