Assumption – Assumption, What’s Your Function?

FROM KATRINA: Hello all you amazing people,
I’d like to talk a little bit about assumptions of what your child can and can’t do. Here’s the thing…the possibilities are endless, so why limit your child? Just because you’ve never seen your child do it before, does not mean he/she cannot do it today!

This week we have an amazing Man here at our Son Rise Program Intensive. He is 33 years old, he’s an adult and he would be the first to tell you that! I wanted to do something more adult with him so I had our amazing Option Institute property department (Bob and Ashton – you guys are AWESOME!) put together some materials so this autistic man and I could build our own stool. (If you are interested they also tell me you can buy Do-it-yourself kits from hobby shops). The family had never before seen their son build anything, they thought he would cringe at the sound of a hammer, and would not know what to do with a screwdriver.

Even though he had never done anything like it in his life, my friend and I built this stool in its entirety. He was putting together wood, hammering nails, grabbing the screws and turning them before I had the chance. Any time he said he couldn’t do something, I gave him another opportunity and he did it!!! Even I was impressed with how quickly we put that piece of art together.

After my session I took out the stool to ensure that it was sturdy and nothing was sticking out to far. When I brought it back in, my friend looked at it, said “It’s done nicely” and immediately sat on it. It has been his stool of preference ever since. What a charmer!

Next time you think your child can’t do something, think again!

Wishing you a week of possibilities,

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