Good Morning Sun – How Ya Doin’ ?

From Alison: It’s 7am and I am sitting in my bedroom with the first cup of tea for the day looking out at the sunshine (Yes spring is finally here!!!) I can hear other people in the house moving around getting themselves ready to go out but essentially it is a quiet moment. Ahhhh.

So, I start by thinking about all the fun things I have planned for today. It’s just Jordan and me all day today as I have no volunteers coming. I love Thursdays because as much as I love having other people play with Jordan there is also something very special about the spaciousness of having a whole day for just us. But then I started to think about all the things that Jordan might do that would not be part of my plan for the day, what if he threw a temper tantrum and broke something, or refused the things I had planned. I realised that suddenly I was not feeling excited about the day at all, that I was hingeing my enjoyment of the day on what Jordan might do. So, I started to ask myself questions from the Option Process dialogue. I realised that what I was wanting was for us both to arrive at the end of the day safe and happy having had loving and nurturing experiences along the way. I then realised that I felt that if Jordan threw a tantrum that in someway that would be bad for me. So knowing that I create my own beliefs I decided that I could choose to believe that the tantrums if they happened would be good for me because I would learn something from them for myself. So now my happiness depends on what I do with what happens today – Good morning Sun – I’m fine : )

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