Jack’s Playroom Stories #2

Hullo friends 🙂 So here is another wonderful moment that I have had in the Son-Rise Program playroom, here at the Autism Treatment Center of America. Over the last two weeks, the staff here have had the immense privilege of working with the most incredible, sweet 33 year old man with Autism. We have had so much fun helping our new friend tell us what he wants, helping him be more spontaneous, loving him and everything he does. Here is one of my favourite moments with him:

Picture this: a 33 year old man and his 25 year old friend, sat at opposite sides of the playroom. They are both holding plastic markers horizontally in front of their chests, pinching the ends of the pens with their thumbs and fore-fingers and slowly revolving the pens so that the light sparkles off the plastic. Imagine the perfect silence, each friend slowly breathing out and in again as they appreciate the beauty of the sunlight shimmering on their pens. Feel how hypnotic it is, watching the writing on the marker slowly disappear as is revolves away from you. Fill yourself up with love for this beautiful moment, and for the wonderful 33 year old who has shown you how to experience it. Now, hold this state of mind for an hour and twenty minutes. Breathing in and out. Rotating your pen. Watching the sunlight. Bliss.

After an hour and twenty minutes, my wonderful friend looks over at me with the most beautiful smile and says one word: “Jack”. My name. He knew I was there. He knew I loved him, and that was enough.

That, my friends, is the beauty and power of joining our special children in The Son-Rise Program.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I understand a little more with each experience.

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