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FROM KATRINA: Hello all you fun-loving people out there. I wanted to share a tool that we use a lot a lot a lot a lot (that’s a lot of a lots) in the Son-Rise Program at the Autism Treatment Center of America, and that is…(drumroll)… Google Images. I love Google Images! I am so addicted to it for themes that I am not sure I could have worked in the 90’s when Google Images wasn’t around (just kidding).

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about. Google Images is a branch of the popular search engine Google. You can find it here. All you have to do is type in a word and it will show you millions of pictures relating to that word (here is an example of a Wombat from Google Images – isn’t it cute?). It makes preparing a theme so easy. For example, let’s say your child likes Sponge Bob. All you do is type in Sponge Bob characters and you get a gagillion spongebob and friend pictures, print them out and stick them around the room. Then give your child rides on a blanket and pick up all of your Sponge Bob friends – sooo easy, and only one idea of a google 🙂

There, I gave the secret to our facilitation away – it’s all in Google Images baby! Okay, there might be more to our facilitation than that – maybe you should come to our Son Rise Program Maximum Impact advanced training course in a few weeks to hear more!!!

Have fun looking up pictures!

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  1. Hey Katrina–thanks for the rocking reminder of a simple way to be super creative.

    Wow I'd love to come to Max Impact.

    I love the way that "google" (the name of the search engine/corporation) is now the accepted spelling for "googol" (the number)

    You rock!

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