Sharing Thoughts and Feelings Spontaneously

From Becky: Hello beautiful people! Following on from my last blog about a 33 year old man that we worked with recently in The Son-Rise Program Intensive Program, I would love to share a story about this incredible man.

At the end of his time here, our team of Child Facilitators and Teachers, along with his Mom and his two volunteers gathered with him in The Son-Rise Program focus room where we had been working with him intensively every day.

We were all sharing some special moments we had had with our new friend when all of a sudden, this 33 year old man spontaneously said “I’m happy”. If that wasn’t enough, then, as his Mom continued to share with him how proud she was of him, he spontaneously told her “I love you”.

I just wanted to share that with you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that is so encouraging. i am working with a 5 year old with epiliepsy and autism and i will share this with his mom!

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