From Amanda: When you are in the playroom for long hours how do you find the energy to still be the most exciting “thing in the room”? How do you develop STAMINA?

My dear friends, I went on my first outreach this past weekend and it was absolutely amazing. I played with an adorable eight year old autistic boy and we had a most wonderful time together. We bounced, and jumped, and sang, and danced, and played and played and PLAYED for six hours a day.I never ran out of energy as I played with this little boy and I always wanted to be with him.

You may ask, how can the same two people be in the playroom for six hours a day and have so much fun? Well I am here to tell you first hand that it is 100% possible and easy to do when you want to be there.

When I entered the playroom, I didn’t think about a clock or when I would have a break. I thought only about how I was going to be with this child and be the most exciting and amazing thing (person) in his playroom. I set the intention of being loving and present in his every move as I joined him and his best friend as we played when he was available. I used an internal magnifying glass to get to know him in our time together as I studied him and his motivations. As he bounced on a ball when he was exclusive I bounced with him and focused on the feelings in my body. When he looked at me I celebrated and used his motivation for bouncing to ask him to bounce with his new friend. I then thought about all the wonderful things we could do as we bounced together to keep the activity interesting. We added songs, clapping rhythms and different silly moves. We bounced high, bounced slow, and bounced all around the room ad we felt each others company.

When this little boy wouldn’t put his clothes on it became my mission and my passion to help him want to wear his clothes. He would willingly put his underpants on only to take them off ten seconds later. I woohooed each time he wore his clothes and thanked him as he took them off as well. As we played games I wanted to be creative, loving, and persistent and offer him variety and control. As I worked with my beautiful friend all day on Saturday and again on Sunday it was my intention to stay driven, focused, present, and full of life.

During the course of the weekend my little friend and I played many amazing games together ranging from physical play to sitting and looking at pictures. We danced to the rhythm of joining as we lay on the floor and examined tattered books or bounced on a ball while making sounds. I celebrated hundreds of looks, smiles and sounds, and we both undoubtedly shared a loving connection . So you see, there is no room for running low on energy or wondering when the day will end. When you are present, loving, and in the overall “attitude” there is an endless reserve.STAMINA!

Have fun! Have love! Have energy!


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