Toilet Training Take 9

FROM BECKY: Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate!

It’s time to rejoice in the toilet! When toilet training your child help them to know that they are ALWAYS successful.

When they look at the toilet celebrate them, when they touch it, celebrate them, celebrate them when they say “No”, make your child’s favorite toys pretend to go to the toilet and then celebrate the toys.

Celebrate your other children for using the toilet, celebrate your spouse for using the toilet, celebrate the dog for peeing the pooping. The main thing is that you celebrate.

Make your definition of success not on how much your child pees or poops in the toilet but on how much fun you have in the process! That way, you are going to help them in these ways.

1) You will inspire them to WANT use the toilet.

2) They will be more likely to keep trying if you are having fun regardless of whether they use the toilet or not.

3) They will ALWAYS feel successful even if they don’t actually go.

4) Having fun will take the pressure of toilet training for the whole family.

5) It will feel better.

Have so much fun!

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