Toileting 10

From Becky: Drop the level of challenge down a notch!

If you are working on toilet training your child, make that the primary focus. Often we can get so set on inspiring our child to grow that we forget to prioritize the connection.

Here at The Autism Treatment Center of America, the relationship we have with our special children ALWAYS comes first. If you have decided to make toilet training a focus, try dropping your other goals when you’re working with the toilet.

If your child is getting familiar with the toilet and you are asking them to look at you, talk to you, participate in your games, etc all at the same time, you may be setting the bar too high.

Try dropping the other challenges when you are focusing on the toilet so your child can relax into creating a desire to use the toilet.

This is the last in my series of 10 blogs on toilet training. To book a 25 minute toilet training consultation with one of our senior Child Facilitators call us on 413-229-2100.

Have fun!

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