What A Feeling!

FROM AMANDA: As I sit here writing this blog I would love to describe the feeling I have running through my body. I know many of our Son-Rise parents see us in the playroom when they come for the Intensive or have Outreaches but I am unsure if you know how good we feel after we are done working with your child. I am going share with you my experience as I emerged from the playroom yesterday afternoon.

Wow! I have just stepped out of the playroom after being with an adorable 6 year old autistic boy from Brazil and I am high on excitement. We ismed, laughed and loved each other for 2 hours and it was beautiful. As I walk into the observation room I am met by the grandmother of this boy. She greets me with a gentle hug as she says “I am moved. I have tears in my eyes as I watched you play. You have such a smile and it comes not from your face but from your heart.” My eyes begin to mist and I hug her back and say “I am grateful to have met you and to have had the opportunity to be with your amazing grandson.” I then leave the building and head back to my office.

As I walk to the office I feel at peace with myself and the world around me. I am full of energy yet I am focused and clear. As I look around I allow myself to reflect on the statement made to me by the Son-Rise grandparent. I am again filled with emotion and I run to tell my teacher of the encounter I had. My teacher looked at me and smiled as she said “Isn’t it amazing?”. I agreed with her and said “yes” and went off to my desk as we both had to get back to our work.

As I sit at my desk, I think to myself “Isn’t IT amazing?” This feeling! This love! This gratitude I have for the Autism Treatment Center of America! This hunger to help a family and their autistic child! This life!

This is how I feel when I come out of the playroom!

I love you Son-Rise Friends and Family.


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  1. Amanda,

    I am *so* with you! I always feel *so* brilliant after doing playroom sessions.

  2. Lee James, Son Rise dad to Adam, from England says:

    Hey Amanda, thank you. You and all the staff here at Option have made such huge differences in our lives and that of our children, we are filled with love for you. I have come to option for some 'me' time to work on myslef, and that same 3 e's shown by the staff is here by the bucket-load!! I have learned, I have grown and emerge a better person at the end of my first week, and I still have calm amid chaos next week – BRING IT ON!!!!
    We love you
    Lee XX

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