The Balance Between Work and Home Life

FROM AMANDA: I am writing to you today from home because I am taking care of my daughter who has Strep Throat. I had to call into to work today, and I must say, I was doing allot of unhappiness about deciding to stay home rather than send my daughter to her grandmother’s house. I sat here for a good portion of the morning wondering if the people I work with would think I was a disappointment. I was not allowing myself to be easy with the fact that I am missing so much work.

UNTIL NOW! I did a self dialogue and I have decided to be really easy with not being at work today. Life at the Autism Center of America will and must go on, even when I am unable to go into the playroom, or be at my desk to do things that can certainly wait until I am back at work.

The “attitudinal” aspect of The Son-Rise Program is important both in and out of the playroom. When I go into the playroom , I think only of the beautiful children I work with, so, I can certainly be with my own child at home without thinking of the playroom. In an instant, I changed my attitude from, wondering what people will think and feel if I am not at work, to being perfectly happy with being home and loving myself for making the decision to stay with my daughter. As I am writing this blog she has called me about ten times to ask for things like juice, Kleenex, and the thermometer because she is now a “big girl” and can take her own temperature.

I am sharing this story with you because as a parent, I know how we challenge ourselves with whether or not we have made a decision that is “right” or “wrong” for us. I can tell you that if you believe in the choices you make, and stand behind those beliefs with an easy, loving attitude toward yourself, then everything you do can be a joyful and amazing experience.

So, with this in mind, I am going to sit with my sweet daughter and share some beautiful cuddle time.


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